2 Preface

This thesis represents the culmination of a period of tremendous challenge, growth, and learning. Through this research I have had the opportunity to demonstrate the methods I’ve learned in the classroom and expand upon them in order to solve a real-world problem.

I would like to thank Prof. Dr. ir. Liliane Pintelon for providing the opportunity to conduct this research under her supervision. She has been tremendous resource throughout the process and has provided invaluable criticism, support, and insight.

Additionally, I would like to thank my mentor James Mutuota Wakiru, without whom this research would not have been possible. James have provided more support and encouragement than I could have hoped for during this process. Be it through weekly meetings, Skype meetings, or email, James has consistently made his supportive role in my research a top priority. His domain expertise and analytical mind have truly been a guiding force throughout this research.

Carl Elgin