headshot In my professional life and in most of my personal endeavors, I can best describe myself as a Technical Strategist.

I am technical in that I have a deeply rooted and omnipresent curiosity in all things I do and interact with. I embrace detail and utilize it on my journey to understanding. During childhood, there wasn’t a toy, or later a computer (Sorry, Mom and Dad), that I didn’t attempt to dismantle to satisfy my curiosity.

I am a strategist because I express myself and my work through creative means. I find that when presenting ideas and solutions, I am not afraid to invent or utilize creative mediums for delivery.

This inherent curiosity and creativity leads me to seek out interesting problems to solve, situations to overcome, and opportunities to succeed. As well as a personal portfolio, this website will serve as a showcase for the collision of my passion for technology, information, and endurance sports.